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Yet another post that doesn’t have as much to do with green living, but more to do with living a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us know that as Americans, adults and children alike, are having a huge problem with obesity… myself included. But don’t fret! There are ways of fixing that. Calorie intake and exercise go very well hand-in-hand with maintaining a healthy body weight. One of the simplest ways of cutting calories is to control portion sizes, but some people need a little more than that. Sometimes it takes just a little more than eating a smaller hamburger. You also need to reduce your intake of added sugars and alcohol. You also need to exercise more, especially if you’ve previously lived a sedentary lifestyle, even if it’s just going for a 30 minute brisk walk, or gardening. Actually, gardening helps a lot because there are a lot of repetitive motions involved.

So, if you find yourself getting bored, go out for a walk and get that body moving!

Get That Body Moving!