Falling Into Place


It seems like now that we’re finally getting moved into our new house, things just keep falling into place for us. *knock on wood*

Thursday, as I was taking a break from moving and unpacking, I got a call from a former employer asking me if I want to come back to work for them. So I pretty much said “Hells ya I’ll come back to work for you guys!” They are a great company to work for. Mostly because I don’t have to wear a uniform, and I can dress up on Halloween! lol

So my interview was today. I had two interviews (one of the interviewer’s names was Thor, how cool is that?) and a drug test. Which, of course, I passed with flying colors. 🙂 So now I have a new house AND a new job! Hooray!

Next week I’ll be doing some more DIY’ing. I’m just too tired this week.


About Paranormal DIY Diva

I am a paranormal investigator and a DIY fanatic. Paranormal Investigations of Missouri Phenomenons is a nonprofit organization and we're hoping to get to help people with household/property hauntings. In the meantime we'll be looking for places that are famous for being haunted until someone needs our help! In my free time I like to make my own cleaners and other household things.

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