Just Some Random Thoughts


My mother-in-law put the laundry detergent I made the other day to some good use yesterday. She washed my father-in-law’s socks, underoos, and work shirts (all white and very dirty) with it and put some distilled white vinegar in the wash as a fabric softener. Afterward the clothes looked fantastic and smelled… like nothing. Just plain old freshness and not vinegar, and they were very soft. 🙂

I kind of had a “thunk”, as my mother-in-law puts it. I decided I want to clean houses with my DIY cleaners, etc. I don’t know if it will pan out, but I hope it does. I haven’t yet brought it up with the hubby, but I don’t think he will mind. I will be bringing some money into the house. So, let’s hope someone answers my craigslist ad!


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