I Might Be Going Crazy…


For some reason in the past few days I have developed an obsession with food documentaries. I don’t know why. But I’ve gotten a lot of really good information from them! These are the documentaries I’ve seen since yesterday: Food Matters, What’s On Your Plate? (a super cute documentary done by two 12 yr olds), Food Fight, Ingredients, among a couple of others that I can’t remember the name of at this moment. Another good one that I watched a long time ago is Food, Inc. Basically these documentaries talk about the politics of food, and how growing organically and buying from your local farmer’s markets will not only improve your own health, but help keep money in your own community.

What’s On Your Plate? is really impressive, and not just because it was done by a couple of 12 yr olds. It talks about where a lot of our food in the grocery stores come from. I had no idea that our corn has traveled as far as from the Middle East and Africa! What’s worse is that these countries are considered Third World countries, and they’re shipping their food to us. Not only that but the longer food stays on the truck/ferries/etc. and on the supermarket shelves, the more the food loses its nutrients .A lot of people today (myself included) don’t know what a piece of fresh produce is actually supposed to taste like because of how far the food has traveled and how many nutrients it has lost (which greatly affects the taste), and also because of all the nasty chemicals and genetic engineering.

I think I will definitely be making trips to the local farmer’s markets from now on instead of going to the supermarket to buy my produce.


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