Itching For My Green Thumb!


As I’ve been going more and more toward green/sustainable living, my green thumb has really been itching! There’s just one problem… at this point in time I don’t have an ideal lawn for growing things. A nice little tornado took care of that last year, and we’re just now really getting our lives back in order. Our house is almost completely done being rebuilt, but it won’t be until next year when our yard is ready for growing.

Anyway so I was looking around on the internet, and I found this really cool little project where you can make an in-house hanging herb garden with some coffee cans and coat hangers! Not only is it a good space saver, but it’s also a good way to recycle your old used coffee cans! Pretty neat, huh? Since our house is almost done (there’s just a few small things left), I think I might HOPEFULLY get to try it within the next few weeks. That is, if things go according to plan. *crosses fingers*

In the meantime though, if I don’t get to do this hanging garden thing, maybe my husband’s parents will be nice enough to give us any excess produce they have from their own garden. LOL

If you want a good, detailed tutorial on how to do the hanging herb garden, here is the url!

Also, if you have cats, you might want to either plant cat-friendly plants, or close off the room where your herb garden is. Here is another url for a list of cat-friendly plants:

Happy planting! 🙂


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